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Work at Fish Welfare Initiative

We are working to create a world where rural aquatic livelihoods are empowered, where ecosystems are conserved, where consumers are protected, and where all sentient life is safeguarded. See below for opportunities to join our international team.


Help us build a food system that is truly humane.

Open Applications


We currently have the following applications / expressions of interest forms open:​

Learn about these below.

Data Collector
20230125_075921 (1)_edited.jpg

Data collectors are vital to all our on-ground work in Andhra Pradesh, India. This job is ideal for someone who enjoys being on the road, interacting with the rural community, and helping us collect data to better understand the needs of farmed fishes. Only Telugu-speaking Indians are eligible.

Salary range: 15–25K INR per month.

Main responsibilities: Collecting data and supporting farmers as part of our Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture.

Program Coordinator
Field Manager.JPG

Program Coordinators are mid-level positions that oversee our various field teams and operations in the field. Only Indians are eligible; Telugu-speaking individuals are preferred but other applicants are welcome.

Salary range: 30–50K INR per month.

Main responsibilities: People management, scientific experimentation, strategic decision-making.

International Knowledge Worker

Our international knowledge worker roles could be a great fit for someone with strong generalist skills, and with interest in living in India and/or China for part of the year. While Indian applicants are encouraged, applicants of all nationalities are welcome. Roles of this type include management (people and project), research, operations, communications, and leadership.

Previous such roles that we have hired for include the following:

Note that this is a brief common application/expression of interest for a larger group of roles, so if we identify a role that would be a good fit, we will likely send you the role-specific application to complete.

Salary range: Commensurate with need and experience.

Other Opportunities

There are a variety of ways to get involved with us! Whether you want to volunteer your time, do research for your thesis, or even pitch a new idea, we are always open to hearing from you. Our collaborations are a great way to get involved in our mission and make a real impact. Write to us to learn how you can help further the cause of fish welfare.

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