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Lone puffer

Looking to help improve the welfare of billions of fish?

Excited to work at a startup in an extremely neglected area?

Join our team!

Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) is amongst the first organizations focused exclusively on improving the welfare of farmed fish. Currently, we primarily work to do so in India, the second-largest producer of farmed fish globally. Further information on our approach can be found in our blog. To get to know our current team, see our about page.

Current Openings

Although we aren't formally hiring for these right now, if you believe you are particularly suited for any of the following roles, we encourage you to email us:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation/Impact Assessment full-time or consultant

  • Policy Consultant (must be Indian national)

  • Field staff (must be willing to relocate to Andhra Pradesh)

  • Generalists and specialists interested in work in China or the Philippines

Pro Bono and Volunteer Work

If you are interested in volunteering, please add your name to our volunteer database.

Fish Welfare in the Philippines

If you are interested in fish welfare work in the Philippines, consider adding your name to our Philippines talent database.

Write Your Thesis on Fish Welfare

Interested in writing your thesis on a topic that would benefit the cause of fish welfare? See our curated Thesis Ideas.

General Inquiry and Pitches

We have found several members of our team through them simply reaching out and making the case for how their work would advance our mission. If you have a project or skill in mind not listed here, send us an email telling us why you think you can have a strong impact for fish by working with us in this capacity. We may not respond to every email.

We are sincerely grateful for your interest in improving the lives of fish.

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