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Become a
Fish Welfare Initiative
Program Coordinator
Making a real difference for animal welfare and farmer livelihoods has never been more straightforward.

FWI is rapidly expanding and we are looking for passionate and committed people to join us.

As an FWI Program Coordinator, you will lead our field operations at various field sites, oversee our data collectors, maintain strong farmer relationships, represent the field sites in programmatic decision-making, and more.

Because our Program Coordinators work regularly and closely with farmers in our field sites, we are seeking only Telugu-speaking Indian nationals who are willing to live in rural communities in Andhra Pradesh.
Deadline: Rolling
Who We Are

Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) is a relatively new, ACE-recommended organization whose mission is to improve the welfare of fishes as much as possible. We focus specifically on farmed fishes, or fishes raised in aquaculture. Our main country of implementation is India, where we currently work in the Nellore and West Godavari districts. 

As part of our
Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture (ARA), we work with over 100 fish farms. Through this program, we estimate that we have already improved the lives of over one million fishes, though we intend to have a much greater impact in the coming years. Learn more about our plans and our organization in our blog.

The Program Coordinator Role

As a Program Coordinator, you will be tasked with the following:

  • Manage 1-10 staff members

  • Build and maintain strong farmer relationships

  • Ensure regular and high-quality data collection and entry

  • Run on-the-ground trials to test out practices that may be better for fish welfare

  • Enroll farmers in the Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture

  • Become an expert in aquaculture and fish welfare

  • Collaborate with local NGOs and other partners

  • Regularly articulate the benefits and value of animal welfare in aquaculture

See this job description for further details.

Who Should Apply?

We encourage anyone to apply regardless of their degree qualifications. We especially encourage you to apply if you have previous fieldwork experience, ideally in remote Indian communities.


Required Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree or greater in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Social Sciences, or other sciences; OR 1 year of experience in the development, environmental protection, or animal advocacy domains.

  • Willing to live in rural communities in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Excited to work extensively in the field.

  • Ability to manage other team members and farmer relationships.

  • Fluent in oral and written Telugu.

Ideal Criteria

Ideally, you have all of the following characteristics, although we encourage you to apply even if you only have some of them:​​

  • Previous management experience.

  • Previous experience in global development, particularly agricultural initiatives.

  • Previous experience with aquaculture or animal protection.

  • Previous experience working with state governments.

  • Ability to drive a motorbike or scooter.

  • Fluent in oral and written English.


If you are interested in a more field-based and less managerial role, we encourage you to apply to be a Data Collector.


You will be based in one of our programming villages in Andhra Pradesh. These are rural, remote communities. Current Program Coordinators live in Eluru in the West Godavari district.

Position Details

Salary: 40-60K, with some flexibility for candidates with greater experience.
Position Status: Full-time.
Benefits: Health insurance, Provident Fund, 30 days paid leave every year.
Start Date: ASAP, with some flexibility.

Apply Here

Use this application form to apply.

If you require any assistance with these applications or have accessibility requests, please contact us.

Hiring Timeline

Since we have a continuous need for talented individuals to join us in the field, we keep our Program Coordinator applications open year-round.

As of May 3, 2024, we are not actively hiring for a Program Coordinator. We may seek to fill one position later in 2024. You can apply now and we will keep your application on file the next hiring round.

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